Saturday, May 2, 2009

Portland Half-Con

Well...the Portland Half-Con is now forever enshrined in history. Klaatu was first to arrive at 12:05. As he hadn't seen the updates recently, he had no idea what name the reservation was under and [hilarity ensues] finally figured it all out and realized nobody was there yet.

Also, found out that 21Quest was going to be a no-show. He said his head blew up on the way in. Obviously, he was preparing a new and great idea that turned out to be too much for his brain(?)

Klaatu left for 20 minutes to kick up his carboxyhemoglobin levels. When he returned, Gisho was waiting.

Klaatu and Gisho waited together...and waited...and waited. Finally, 2 familiar faces showed at the door and the Canadian contingent had arrived. We sat around playing Edward Forty Hands until we were all falling down drunk. Toward the end of the Half-Con, 2Fries tried to pay with that funny money that they have up north and the waitress refused to accept it. The ensuing brawl brought sirens racing into the city. 2Fries noticed that the sirens south of the border sound a bit different than the Canadian sirens. While this was all going on, the sky opened up and hail and rain descended upon the restaurant. 

The waitress came by about 14:00 hrs and asked if there was someone named "Shinook". We all shrugged and said, "Sorry, no." Later, she came by and spelled the name, "C-A-N-U-C-K" and said Chris had called from London. Day-uhm! Sorry Po...

Klaatu called 21Quest on the way home and Quest said he was only an hour away at mile marker 148. (I sure wish I had a car that could go 148 M.P.H.!) Quest was disappointed that the Canadians had to beat a hasty retreat and he wouldn't be able to meet them, but 2Fries has that ticket, eh?

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From L to R: 2fries, Canuck, Gisho

L to R: Klaatu, Canuck, Gisho
L to R: 2fries, Canuck, Gisho
(Picture was taken after we escaped police custody)