Tuesday, July 24, 2007

LSA Makes Big Impact at Airventure

Virgin Galactic video

Click here to see the Video of what it will be like when you step aboard a Virgin Galactic flight. It is amazing that "way back" when I was a kid, this was the stuff of comics and pulp fiction magazines. That we are realizing the dreams of my childhood is amazing.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What is coming next?

Back when the Boeing 727 was introduced, it was state of the art. Many private aircraft are flying now with more advanced avionics than were on the 727. Witness the "virtual co-pilot". This is jaw-drop stuff that couldn't have been imagined when I got my PPL back in 1980.

RV-12 Walk-Around with the new canopy. Notice the front view. The airplane looks like :O

Van's RV-12 Arlington Airshow - video powered by Metacafe

Barf-o-matic Helicopter

This is why I refuse to fly in helicopters.


As you watch the video, remember that blue on top is upright. Everything else means inverted.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Update on Airbus crash in Brazil

It seems there is a valid reason why the airliner was going so fast.

This article states that:

"One of the two thrust reversers on an airliner carrying 186 people that crashed in a fireball was turned off when the plane landed, the jet's owner said, as officials tried to determine why it raced down a runway instead of slowing down.

Brazil's Globo TV reported that an unidentified problem in the Airbus 320's right thrust reverser emerged four days (emphasis added) before the crash and was under investigation by authorities."

This is almost like commiting suicide. The runway had not been grooved and with a short runway, hydroplaning and no thrust reversers, this flight was doomed. If you've ever hit water going 65mph, imagine hitting it at 160mph (the normal landing speed of an Airbus A320).

The fact that the plane was allowed to continue flying with an inoperable thrust reverser shows the extent that airlines are trying to squeeze every dollar they can out of each plane.

This reminds me of a British Airways incident. About 9 seconds after lift-off, the #2 engine blew up. Now, normally, the pilot would dump fuel and return to land. What this crew did to save money was beyond belief. Economics above passenger safety seems to be the rule.
Tower tapes 1
Tower tapes 2
Tower tapes 3
Tower tapes 4

Makes me want to fly my own plane. I love to fly. Dying in a crash means I couldn't fly anymore. Can you say "cautious pilot"?

Ooooh baby!

Where's a drool bib when you need it most? The pictures of the RV-12 on the Van's website don't do this plane justice. Here are some photos from Arlington 'Ø7.

As the saying goes, "I'd give my left *** to own this plane"

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fatal Crash in Brazil

There will be blame placed on everyone for the crash of the Brazilian airliner. The airport wants to shift blame to the pilot ( as evidenced by this video ) and everyone is in C.Y.A. mode.

As a pilot, we are ultimately to blame. If the airport runway is unsafe and we (pilots) continue to land, does it make it our fault that we land there?

If an airport is unsafe and it is kept open for "financial reasons", and that causes an accident, then the blame must be on those that choose to keep the airport open. The AVIATION AUTHORITIES decided that the airport was "safe". Do pilots have to make that determination for the government?

On the one hand, aviation authorities tell us that the pilot is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the flight. On the other hand, they tell pilots that they are the absolute ruler of aviation regulations. The conflict happens when they don't do their job and quickly attempt to shift all blame to the pilot.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

The aviation authorities deemed the airport "safe" despite two accidents on the day prior to the crash. The talk now is that the pilot was going "too fast" on landing. Carrier pilots understand keeping ahead of the power curve on landing. The pilot may have realized that with ungrooved pavement, a short runway and the slick conditions that a go-around was required. We may never know the exact cause of the crash, but we need to stop castigating the pilot. The dead make easy targets.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Zamfir's newest instrument

Ummmm...click here if you dare


If you want to plan a flight in YOUR RV-12, go here and use 120 kts for airspeed (that's 138mph for non-pilots) and about 3.75 hours endurance (shorter if you belong to the T.W.B.C. [Teenie Weenie Bladder Club]).

If you need airport codes, try here.

Click some of the features to see what you get.

If you get a chance, visit here and go to "Video" then "Flight". Crank the volume. Music by Enya and the video is beyond belief! Secret Santa anyone?? HINT!!!!

It's official!

I finally have my Oregon plates on my car. I have an Oregon drivers license. I am home!

It is so amazing to go to the drive through at (fill in your favorite "get obese in 2 weeks" fast food joint) and order off the dollar menu and give a dollar and get change back. I didn't really realize that 9% of my paycheck had been going to sales tax on EVERYTHING (taxing food should be illegal) and that was on top of a state income tax that is equal to Oregon. My money is going farther and I have more than 18¢ in my account come payday. My RV-12 is getting closer!

Well, 4 A.M. comes kinda early. Later all...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Powerball number chooser

Using atmosperic background noise, this will pull up true random numbers . If you win, I get a 20% cut.

Monday, July 9, 2007

More porno video

PORNO ALERT! You must have Windows Media Player and 2 Dramamine to watch this video.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Line Rider

If you want to kill a couple of hours and laugh yourself silly, try this link and play. You draw lines and then, when you press the play button, your little guys goes sledding down the lines you drew. CAUTION!! THIS GAME IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!

Can you tell that I am bored and have no life?

Be sure to check out the score.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Texas rednecks get what's coming to them

This reminds why why I left the South. Great video. Be sure to watch to the end.

My first attempt to upload a video to the web.

The view is out my window and if you look carefully, you'll see a brief shot of me. Click -> here <- to see my video