Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fatal Crash in Brazil

There will be blame placed on everyone for the crash of the Brazilian airliner. The airport wants to shift blame to the pilot ( as evidenced by this video ) and everyone is in C.Y.A. mode.

As a pilot, we are ultimately to blame. If the airport runway is unsafe and we (pilots) continue to land, does it make it our fault that we land there?

If an airport is unsafe and it is kept open for "financial reasons", and that causes an accident, then the blame must be on those that choose to keep the airport open. The AVIATION AUTHORITIES decided that the airport was "safe". Do pilots have to make that determination for the government?

On the one hand, aviation authorities tell us that the pilot is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the flight. On the other hand, they tell pilots that they are the absolute ruler of aviation regulations. The conflict happens when they don't do their job and quickly attempt to shift all blame to the pilot.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

The aviation authorities deemed the airport "safe" despite two accidents on the day prior to the crash. The talk now is that the pilot was going "too fast" on landing. Carrier pilots understand keeping ahead of the power curve on landing. The pilot may have realized that with ungrooved pavement, a short runway and the slick conditions that a go-around was required. We may never know the exact cause of the crash, but we need to stop castigating the pilot. The dead make easy targets.

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