Friday, July 20, 2007

Update on Airbus crash in Brazil

It seems there is a valid reason why the airliner was going so fast.

This article states that:

"One of the two thrust reversers on an airliner carrying 186 people that crashed in a fireball was turned off when the plane landed, the jet's owner said, as officials tried to determine why it raced down a runway instead of slowing down.

Brazil's Globo TV reported that an unidentified problem in the Airbus 320's right thrust reverser emerged four days (emphasis added) before the crash and was under investigation by authorities."

This is almost like commiting suicide. The runway had not been grooved and with a short runway, hydroplaning and no thrust reversers, this flight was doomed. If you've ever hit water going 65mph, imagine hitting it at 160mph (the normal landing speed of an Airbus A320).

The fact that the plane was allowed to continue flying with an inoperable thrust reverser shows the extent that airlines are trying to squeeze every dollar they can out of each plane.

This reminds me of a British Airways incident. About 9 seconds after lift-off, the #2 engine blew up. Now, normally, the pilot would dump fuel and return to land. What this crew did to save money was beyond belief. Economics above passenger safety seems to be the rule.
Tower tapes 1
Tower tapes 2
Tower tapes 3
Tower tapes 4

Makes me want to fly my own plane. I love to fly. Dying in a crash means I couldn't fly anymore. Can you say "cautious pilot"?

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