Tuesday, August 28, 2007


NASA has some great new video from the last shuttle launch. What is amazing while you watch the video is the quantity of #$%! that flies off as it is going to orbit.

Reminds me of a time flying to KPRB, direct, over mountains during a period of strong winds and severe turbulence. My little PA28-112, the "Traumahawk" was going up and down so fast that the VVI was pegged at either 2000 FPM up, or 2000 FPM down most of the flight. Every lost pen, nut, bolt, screw, meal leftovers and about 10 pounds of dirt and gravel (this was a rental aircraft) was flying about the cabin along with my flight bag and all of my charts. My logbook simply stated "TURBULENCE!" in the flight details section. Now, mind you, I was still a student flying solo on one of my first cross-country flights and my instructor had been adament that I fly direct instead of the more cautious route that I had planned out. I got back and told Jerry that I was the PIC and that in the future I would choose the route.

Anyhow, enjoy the video that will launch (pun intended) in Media Player.

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