Monday, August 13, 2007


It seems that my website is a danger to the Chinese populace.

You can check your own website here.

[soapbox alert]
We hear so much complaining about life here in the United States. I think the fact that we can complain says more about this country than anything else.
[this concludes this soapbox alert]

I would be interested to understand what criteria the Chinese government uses to allow or block certain web sites. Could it be the word "porno" or "gonad"? I guess that I can understand "porno"...but "gonad" is a medical term. I can imagine a Chinese doctor searching for new treatments or surgical procedures for treating a testicular cyst or hydrocele (which I am happy to say my own U.S. doctor was able to access and fix in my own case) and finding some Chinese herbal remedy.

In my own case, surgery went well. I couldn't walk for a week and I experienced a level of pain that can only be described by imagining your 'nads being put into a bench vise and squeezed to just shy of the point of popping. To my employer's credit, they allowed a co-worker to take off time to allow me some assistance at home. It wouldn't have been half as bad had I not been seriously allergic to the pain medication and the results of taking that medication.

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