Sunday, August 19, 2007

Doug Reeves' AWESOME RV-12 pictures

Do yourself a favor, click HERE to see some great RV-12 pictures. Be sure to click on "Slideshow" and then hit [F11] to really see the pictures in all their glory.

Doug wrote on his website:

"Aug 18, 2007 0410 zuluSATURDAY EDITION

Gus took me for a ride in the RV-12 on Friday, and for some reason even let me take off and land (from the right seat). I think I doubled my RV nosewheel time on this flight . It reminded me of the C-150 with the STOL mod I trained in, only easier to land and a LOT more visibility (and no smell of 'student fear'). At cruise it felt like my -6 slow in the pattern. I did one stall flaps up and one flaps down. Creampuff.

This is a joy to write...the demand for the -12 in my opinion will be massive. I didn't have these feelings when I arrived yesterday, but now I totally get the idea (in my case) of having one of these as a second airplane - something to putt around the pattern with on a calm evening. The visibility is simply OUTSTANDING. You can see almost straight down while in level flight. This is a sightseeing airplane if there ever was one. Maybe a good name would be....the Van's Sightseer."

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