Friday, August 17, 2007

Vans Homecoming Day 1 - 7S5 - 2007 (click on the images to see full size)

James Anglin's Harmon Rocket did an amazing takeoff that seemed to lift off the runway at about a 45° angle. Suh-weeet!
My camera doesn't do justice to John Siebold's awesome paint job. He left fairly quickly. Honest, I wasn't going to drool on the paint!

James Ballard's RV-6A was beautiful. I was looking for a single rivet that wasn't flush, or anything to criticize. There wasn't a thing to see amiss on the gorgeous plane. Maybe he had it hidden by the great paint job...Nah.
Land an RV anywhere, and people seem to congregate.
Michael seemed to have a good time. Even Keshia said that it "wasn't a boring as I thought it would be". Maybe a couple of future pilots and builders here?

I wanted to take more pictures, but my camera battery died. I'm going back tomorrow when Vans will fly in all of the demonstrator aircraft. I'll have fresh batteries and 2 MB SD card at the ready.

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Michael said...

hey, this is Michael. i finally found your blog after searching around google, keshia mentioned she got a text and said theres pictures of us. so how did the RV-12 look in person?