Thursday, September 27, 2007

North American West Coast Halfcon

Here are some pictures from the North American West Coast Halfcon (Click on image to see full size)

Mt. Shasta by moonlight (time exposure with no tripod)
Driving up to the tollbooth at the Oakland Bay Bridge at morning rush hour
On the Oakland Bay Bridge at Rush Hour
[2fries] in front of the Oakland Bay Bridge along the Embarcadero
[2fries] taking pictures to prove to his wife he wasn't in Burnaby
The ferry Building
Coit Tower
A picture of palm trees for [2fries] who had never seen palm trees growing
[canuck] with his "ride" in the background
[csea] telling us about his boat
[jutta] without the beer she threatened to hide behind
[Hob] in contemplation over what to have for dessert
(L to R) [hob], [canuck], [csea], [jutta]
(L to R) [hob], [canuck], [csea], [klaatu], [jutta], [2fries]
Leaving San Francisco during rush hour
A rush hour driver. The caption is up to you.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, and it looks like you had a good time. The San Francisco shots reminded me of when I used to live there. - [hippo]

Anonymous said...

Laughed at the suggestion that contraption behind [canuck] was a part of his vehicle. Very appropriate! -[rcarty]

USS Catamount said...

You looked happy. Glad you got to see some old friends. Take care. Love and miss u something fierce. Lynna

Anonymous said...

[rcarty] I've only just read your comment. Yeah, that umbrella just about fit right on my head, but Klaatu meant the white thing waaaay off in the background was my ride. It's called the Norwegian Pearl and all I own are the memories. -[Canuck]