Monday, October 22, 2007


A lot of people have e-mailed me to find out my condition. I apologize for the delay in responding to e-mails.

I have been going through a battery of tests and physical therapy.

The week before last, I had a Lumbar Puncture (a "spinal tap") that was done in outpatient surgery. The pain from that was pretty intense and the long drive out to my house after I was discharged was rough, to say the least. The following day was physical therapy and the following day was an MRI. the next day was more physical therapy.

The numerous pain medications make me very woozy and drunk. There is minimal pain relief, but at least I do get some sleep. I have been advised to try some marijuana for the nerve pain (I understand that it is being prescribed for other patients with MS). I am just leery of getting high when in so much pain. It's been...gheez...since 1978 since I've smoked pot and I really don't want to start experimenting now. If anyone has first-hand knowledge of the effects of smoking pot and the nerve pain of MS, please let me know.

The good news (bad news actually) is that I no longer have Lyme Disease. The spinal tap came back negative. The downside of that is that it takes away my last hope that I could be cured simply with medication. The prospect of Multiple Sclerosis is frightening. The speed at which this has taken control of my body is mind-boggling.

To all my friends who have witnessed me battling against this process: I have to let you down. It is time for me to knuckle under and get my "gimpo card" for my car. Those parking places up front are becoming too tempting and walking has become almost impossible for any distance at all. I have actively avoided that "gimpo card" for over 3 years, but I can't do it any more. Sorry to disappoint those who were rooting for me.

I will try to answer e-mails and offline messages as soon as possible. My days are sleep/wake/take drugs/sleep/wake/take drugs for the most part. The highlight of my day is driving to physical therapy (cannot take drugs and drive) where Mike and Maria do their best to torture my body into new (old) positions. By the time I arrive home, I'm in tears and almost screaming from the pain. Please be patient with responses.

Well, it's time for Vicodin 1000 mg and Gambapentin 300 mg to end my day.

Thank-you to everyone for your prayers and concerns.

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Anonymous said...

Klaatu - sorry to hear the news. I hope you don't mind that I've told Randy and Jutta to visit your blog as well. If I had a way to ease your pain I'd gladly give it. Sadly, all I can offer are my best wishes and positive thoughts for you. Gary, aka [Canuck]
PS Thanks for the great halfcon photos.