Saturday, March 1, 2008

Idea For Sorting Rivets

I was reading Matt's RV-7 Project blog and wondering if there is an easier way to sort various-sized rivets that sometimes come "grouped" into a single bag.

My idea is to take a piece of Delrin® or other hard plastic and use a router to cut an angle, equal to the angle of the rivet head, along the length.

At the botton of the groove, an additional slot that is equal to a specific length rivet would be routed. You could have multiple sorters for different size rivets.

You should be able to pour the rivets into the trough and they should settle into the groove and all rivets beyond the depth of the groove would stand "proud" of the trough. Remove these and you should have all equal length rivets.

A (very rough) drawing of the cross section shows above.


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