Friday, March 28, 2008

Nipple Rings & Terrorists?

A woman from Texas had to remove her nipple rings after TSA agents demanded they be removed at Los Angeles Airport. The woman, 37 year-old Mandi Hamlin, was able to remove one nipple ring but had to use pliers to remove the second ring.

Hamlin had set off alarms while being screened. She offered to have a female agent examine her, but the TSA required she remove the piercings.

Unless the terrorists have devised a new type of IED that can fit into a nipple ring, this seems a bit overkill. The fact that our borders are as porous as a screen door and anyone can come into the country seems to have gotten past King Duhbya and his War on Terror. We sure won't have any nipple ring IED's going off anytime soon.

Hamlin has demanded an apology from the TSA. I think $he may be demanding $omething more $ub$tantial in the future.

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