Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NTSB Releases Preliminary Report For Titusville Crash

The NTSB has released the preliminary report for the accident that claimed 3 lives on March 1 at Arthur Dunn Air Park in Titusville, Florida.

The report states that the Velocity Aircraft, N244CU, departed the runway and collided with the Vans RV-8, N128RV.

Here is a partial from the report:
"According to witnesses, the purpose of the arriving flights was for the participation in the Experiment Aircraft Association's (EAA) monthly pancake breakfast. There were several witnesses that had arrived at the airport in airplanes just prior to the accident. The witnesses stated that a flight of 4 RV-8's landed in formation. Following uneventful landings the 4 RV-8's were exiting the runway at intersection B. The lead RV-8, N128RV had entered the intersection and was midway between runway 15 and the parallel taxiway when it was struck from the left side by the Velocity.

Witnesses stated that the Velocity had landed on runway 15 following the flight of 4 RV-8's and departed the runway on the left side entering a grassy area separating the runway and taxiway. The Velocity continued in the grass and witnesses stated that they observed the Velocity collide with the RV-8 in a left bank and with full engine power. Both airplane's exploded into a fire ball.

On scene examination of the RV-8 found it in a grassy area adjacent to intersection B. The wreckage was on a heading of 280-degrees. The fuselage, cabin and upper left wing were consumed by the post impact fire.

On scene examination of the Velocity found it inverted 330 feet beyond the RV-8 coming to rest on a heading of 330-degrees. The fuselage, right wing and cockpit were consumed by the post impact fire."

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