Monday, April 14, 2008

Jerald Greenberg Shares His RV-12 Demo Flight

Thank-you Jerry, again, for letting us all experience SnF 2008 and the RV-12.

Jerry wrote: "Here's a 10min 6sec raw video of the "the yellow canary" (N912RV) taking off from Plant City Airport on 4/11/2008. My pilot was "Gus" a very capable pilot & a nice guy who was PIC during my almost 30 minute demo ride. I had control of the plane a few hundred feet after takeoff for a climb out of 70 knots @ 850 fpm.

This RV-12 was a very nice, smooth and comfortable LSA to fly. I've flown high winged Tecnam P-92 Super Echos, a FantasyAir Allegro 2007 and low winged Tecnam Sierra ... my favorite.

The previous slide shows had a picture of the Tecnam Sierra which has a sticker price of $141,000 ... very well decked out, and worth every penny. I felt that the RV-12 performed just as well as the $141,000 bird. (IF Van's Aircraft was on the NYSE ...I'd say BUY)

I performed shallow turns ...a very responsive plane ... easy to keep straight and level ... smooth ... only bumps were my being unable to hold the camera steady (Kodak P880 picture and video camera, no anti-"shake" mechanism built in). Not sure the the proper terminology but the plane just wanted to fly straight and level.

Gus also performed some slow speed, full flaps stall on this video. One of these stalls broke down and to the left (may not be on the vid) ... but was easily fixed by lowering the nose and inputting some left rudder.

My turns felt good ... didn't feel like I was slipping or skidding at all and my feet never activated the rudders. Having never flown a plane with a glass cockpit, I had no idea where the turn coordinator (ball) was anyway!"

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