Thursday, February 7, 2008

News Flash - Oregon Nutcase Predicts An Earthquake Is Coming

There will be a small earthquake in this area in the next week or two. It will be a minor quake and shouldn't cause serious damage.

No, I'm not a nut. The last quake that occured in this area was in September 2007. I sent an e-mail to the USGS advising them that a mild earthquake would occur within 2 weeks. They sent back a canned response with links proving that people could not predict earthquakes. I was wrong by 3 days. The earthquake hit 11 days later, and not 14. I sent them a copy of my original e-mail and their response. Never heard from them.

So, I am enlisting all of you to be my witnesses. If wrong, call me a nut...a fraud...a charlatan. But, if I am correct, maybe we can all contact USGS and tell them to take us* seriously.

*I know other people who also are able to predict earthquakes

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