Monday, March 3, 2008

Heartstopping Landing Attempt

Amazing new video today of a Lufthansa jet, flying from Munich to Hamburg with 137 passengers, veering back and forth in 150 mile per hour gusting winds. The plane came within "a split second of crashing" and after just touching down, a wing tip hit the runway and the plane bounced sideways on the runway. The now-hailed pilots shot back up, tried again and landed safely.


Bob Collins said...

We did some checking around this morning and found the 155 winds were wrong; it was more like 55.

And, full disclosure here, I had a landing just like this a few weeks ago..... 'cept the winds were dead calm.

My Left Nut said...

I thought the number seemed a "tad" high. I've made a few landings at KHAF and had to use the Chinese landing method..."One wing low".