Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lake Villa, IL Man Makes Poor Choice For Landing

Lake Villa resident Robert Kadera, 65, unfastens a tension cable to remove ski landing gear from his 1949 Piper Clipper as he prepares it for transport Monday at Ernie's Service Center in Vernon Hills. Kadera, who landed his plane on the Marriott Lincolnshire Golf Course Saturday, had the plane towed to Ernie's by the Lincolnshire Police Department. Police and the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating charges and whether to revoke his pilot's license. (Tribune photo by David Trotman-Wilkins / March 3, 2008)

Robert Kadera, 65 made a poor choice of landing sites that could mean charges will be brought against the Lake Villa pilot.

Police received numerous worried calls about a plane circling twice, and then touching down at the Crane's Landing golf course at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort. Officials thought they might have a crash with victims.

Kadera was running late for his son's tennis tuneup so he had hopped in his Piper Clipper with his 14 year-old son, Isaac. They flew above the congested roads and landed at a golf course across a highway from the tennis club, where skis on the underside of plane glided across the snow-covered fairway.

Police would not allow Kadera to fly his plane off the fairway at the Marriott resort. Instead, the plane was towed following a 7-hour operation.

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Anonymous said...

The government is pardoning criminals in our financial markets. They should pardon Kadera. It's only fair.