Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Light Plane Violates Washington, DC Airspace

Shortly after 6:00 PM on Wednesday, a light plane flew into the Washington restricted airspace. The twin-engine Beech flew in from the North at 14,500 feet and below the 18,000 feet floor of the restricted space.

Two F-16's scrambled and intercepted the aircraft within the restricted airspace. The fighter pilots identified the aircraft and escorted it outside of the restricted airspace.

Federal law enforcement admits the plane was in airspace near the U.S. Capitol but did not say how close it was.

In this day of EFIS and GPS and post 9/11, these incursions should never happen. If we are to maintain a reasonably open sky for ourselves, these incursions need to cease. With presidential campaigns in full swing, we pilots must be extra vigilant to TFR's that may pop up with little notice.

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