Thursday, July 17, 2008

Drunk Passenger Tries To Open Door On Flight

Ok, so I have ranted on this before. Alcohol should be banned on flights. Here is a perfect reason for this.

Cigarettes were banned from flights, years ago, as a "safety measure". Now we have a passenger who was drinking before the flight took off and continuing to drink in-flight, who attempted to open a door while the flight was going from London, Gatwick to Havana, Cuba. The article states that, "The man had been abusive to passengers and staff on the flight from Gatwick to Cuba" and this was before the door incident.

If your plane had an emergency and had to be evacuated, would you want a planeload of drunks blocking your egress? I wouldn't, and neither should you.

I propose banning all alcohol from all flights and all airports. Having a place in the airport to get "hammered" before your flight seems just plain wrong to me, and getting "hammered" on board an aircraft should not be tolerated. Your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I did not need to see this.LOL